It has been rumored that Corvus is actually a 'toon.

folk. lore. play.

My name is Corvus Elrod and I am a professional game and instructional designer based out of Portland, OR.


I first coined the word Bhaloidam - a modern portmanteau of three Proto-Indo-European words - bha meaning to tellloid meaning to play, and dam meaning the tribe - when coming up with a name of my self-published participatory storytelling platform. Bhaloidam, the platform, is an extension of my lifelong pursuit of understanding the intersection of story and play within communities.


After several careers - including a decade in the video game industry - I've turned my storytelling and game design talents to informal STE(A)M education - creating the GEM Methodology and working with organizations such as Saturday Academy, Tao Foundation, and ChickTech to teach kids computational-thinking skills, in the guise of highly-participatory game design classes.