It has been rumored that Corvus is actually a 'toon.

folk. lore. play.

This is the online portfolio of Corvus Elrod, a technical trainer and game design professional living in Portland, OR. In 2003 - with the indefatigable support of my wife - I formed Zakelro, LLC to explore how the concepts of story and play can better serve our communities as tools of exploration and growth. In other words, I made my professional focus - folk, lore, & play.

My path led me through a decade-long career in the video game industry, gave me opportunities to collaborate with small businesses and theater directors, and eventually to the experience of designing and self-publishing my tabletop storytelling game, Bhaloidam.


Recently, I've turned my storytelling and game design talents to informal STEM education - creating the GEM Methodology and working with organizations such as Saturday Academy, Tao Foundation, and ChickTech to teach kids computational-thinking skills in the guise of game design classes.